Carla’s Paralegal Services, LLC




My experience with Carla was EXCELLENT.  I needed some same day help with filing court papers and she was right there for me.  Literally, she emailed several times in the morning, sent me the forms I needed online so that I could print and get them signed.  She was at my place of employment picking up the paperwork within a couple hours and everything was filed on time.  She took a great deal of stress from me and made my day! 



Carla provided the legal guidance that I desperately needed when I could not afford a lawyer.  With Carla’s assistance, the divorce paperwork was processed, submitted and the divorce was finalized within 6 months. In addition, Carla’s friendly demeanor was sincere and greatly appreciated during a difficult time.  -Tina


Carla is great. She’s the best paralegal in town.  Pat Plummer, attorney.


I was going through a break up that turned into a horrible child custody case. I had no idea where to begin. Carla's Paralegal Services, LLC were terrific! She is professional but yet, very personable and understanding. Thanks to Carla, I still have my children and gained a hefty amount of child support. I strongly recommend using Carla to anyone.

Sincerely, Elizabeth D.


My name is Greg from Mesa AZ and four months ago I realized that I needed to file for Bankruptcy. Being disabled and living on a Social Security disability income I had no idea how I would be afford the cost of a attorney.  I contacted a couple of attorneys and was quoted a cost of $2200plus for them to represent me and file a Chap 7 Bankruptcy on my behalf. This was more than I could afford especially at the time.


While browsing one of the local message boards online (CraigsList) I looked under Legal Services category and saw a AD posted for a Paralegal Bankruptcy Document Preparation services $200. I was skeptical at first because it sounded too good to be true but I called the contact listed in the Ad, Carla Lief,  to find out more about it and also noticed she had a Website.


I called Carla Lief the next day by phone and then met her in person a week later to make arrangements and get my case going. Carla was very professional and knowledgeable about filing for Bankruptcies and knows the system and the requirements like the back of her hand. I was told that the courts take 4 months to process a Bankruptcy case if everything goes as smooth as possible, I received my discharge letter 4 months and 2 days after she filed my case.


I highly recommend Carla based on her knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and of course results in my case. She is also a very nice person who is easy to talk with and she has the system tools and interfaces to communicate with the courts in the best way.   Best Regards!  Greg



I was very uneducated in bankruptcy proceedings. Carla helped me out and was very understanding. I still have questions after my bankruptcy is over and she takes time to inform me what and how to do about some situations that come up afterwards.
Thanks Carla for all you have done for me.   Shelly M.



I recommend Carla Lief from the bottom of my heart. The process went so smoothly thanks to having them on our side to just help with the biggest part of the process which was the paperwork! THANK YOU CARLA   Maria Rivera 


I HIGHLY recommend Carla and her services. My experience was great from start to finish. Even though, she can't provide legal advise, she answered all my questions and gave me information that helped me make my decisions. I filed my Chapter 7 case on 4/13/2011 and it was discharged on 7/27/2011.
Thank you Carla. I really appreciate everything you did for me. --J. Satterfield
The staff attorney recognized your name, so thanks once again for being a positive force in the community. If you ever want a referral I will be happy to provide.

While sitting in the waiting room before the hearing was called I wanted to reach out to everyone there and tell them you really don't need an attorney for this process who charges a great deal of money for document preparation and little else other than 'hand-holding', and as someone who has worked in the court system for many years I can say that there are many situations where a lawyer is absolutely vital to one's case, but a bankruptcy filing isn't necessarily one of them. Do your due diligence and read up on the process before you commit thousands of dollars that you need to get back on your feet.
Many thanks to Carla for her service and insight into the process. Margie
Carla, I was in and out in les then a minute !!!! [meeting of creditors] I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help !!! And I'm sorry if I was a pest !!!! I was stressing out over this. You are awesome !!!! Again I'm sorry if I was a pest !!!! I never did this before. God bless you !!! Robert S.
Carla is a professional and caring person. She went out of her way to help us with civil case in which the plaintiff resides in Phoenix and we reside in California. All necessary paperwork and correspondence was done through email. She filed court documents for us, saving us the trip to Phoenix. We were blessed to find her through our Google search, and although we never met face to face, she attended to us as though we were a client sitting in her office. Isabel Lopez (2/2014)
Thank you for helping us out years ago, was the best thing we ever did and even own a home again at 3.25%. Craig M. (2/2014)
Thank you for everything Carla! I feel such relief! You were very good at walking me through everything and you made a stressful and uncomfortable time tolerable. I am grateful for you and will recommend you should the need arise.
May God richly bless you,
Nancy 5/31/14
Thank you so very much for all that you did for me throughout the process of my bankruptcy! Thank you very much for going above and beyond and for being so generous with your time in answering all my questions and directing me through this process. I am extremely grateful and I wanted you to know that you did an outstanding job :-). I will continue to pass on your information to anyone who I talk to who has bankruptcy in their future. Again thank you very very much Carla. God bless. Craig S.(8/2014)
Awesome!! Thank you!! You've been such an amazing help during this scary time for me!!
Delia M.(1/2015)
thanks for working with me! I’m very pleased with your services.
Sandra M. (8/3/15)