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Get a checking account even if you are in chexsystems: http://www.newcheckingaccount.com
Clear your info with chexsystems: http://www.newcheckingaccount.com/check-systems.html

Free Credit Reports: http://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp

Tips to clean up your credit: http://www.truecredit.com/help/learnCenter/improvingCredit/overview.jsp?cb=TransUnion

Monitor credit for approx. $10 a month (cheaper if you have a costco card) with Identity Guard. Includes 3 monthly credit reports with scores (Experian, Transunion and Equifax), and a credit analyzer (to find out how your individual score is affected if you pay off some of your bills or get a new loan): http://www.identityguard.com

Dispute items on your credit report to the following agencies:
Experian: http://www.experian.com/disputes2/index.html
Equifax: http://https://www.econsumer.equifax.com
Transunion: http://www.transunion.com/corporate/personal/creditDisputes.page

Federal Trade Commission info re: credit report disputes: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre21.htm
Federal Trade Commission info re: credit: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/edcams/credit/index.html

Company to contact to clean up your credit, approximately $99.95 per month: https://www.creditrepair.com/



Justice Courts Small Claims Info and Forms: www.justicecourts.maricopa.gov/CaseTypes/smallclaims.aspx

Justice Courts Case Search: http://justicecourts.maricopa.gov/FindACase/casehistory.aspx

Arizona's Bankruptcy Court:www.azb.uscourts.gov

Arizona Revised Statutes:www.azleg.state.az.us/ArizonaRevisedStatutes.asp

Arizona Rules of Court: http://azrules.westgroup.com/home/azrules/default.wl

Arizona Supreme Court: http://www.supreme.state.az.us/rules/default.htm

Versus Law:www.versuslaw.com

Find Law (legal resources/case law)www.findlaw.com

Maricopa County Recorder:www.recorder.maricopa.gov

Arizona Corporation Commission:www.azcc.gov

State Bar (find an attorney):www.azbar.org

Kelley Blue Book (value of your car):www.kbb.com

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She has an excellent book out: Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan. She also keeps the book current by listing (for free) all new information as they are released.

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Suze Orman 2009 Action Plan

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