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The following information is based on the Superior Court Filing Fees, Effective May 15, 2013 (contact court, attorney or document preparer for current prices). If eligible, you may be able to waive or defer the filing fees.

Click on the link below for child support questionnaire (for modification, enforcement, etc.)

Child Support Questionnaire

Child Support Modifications

The filing fee for post-adjudication (if you already have an existing case in Maricopa County Superior Court) petitions (i.e. motion to enforce or change child support)is $84.00.  If it is a new case that has not been filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, the filing fee is $338.00.

Child Support Guidelines (with instructions):  This amount is then divided by the ratio of each parent's monthly income to the parents' total combined income (i.e. if Mother makes 40% and Father makes 60% and Mother is ordered to pay child support, then Mother would pay 40% of the child support amount).