Ms. Lief is a Certified Paralegal and works as an independent contractor to several attorneys. Pursuant to the Order dated 12/8/15 in case #2:14-bk-17982 (chapter 13 case where Lief successfully prepared chapter 13 documents and adversary proceeding to discharge a second mortgage to avoid foreclosure), Carla Lief is enjoined from preparing any documents for use under any chapter of the Bankruptcy Code pending further order by the Arizona Bankruptcy Court.

After the November hearing, Lief filed an Objection to the proposed Order and a hearing was scheduled for December 8, 2015. Since there was NOT a signed Order and Lief objected to the proposed Order (to allow her to continue doing Chapter 7 cases only), Lief believed she was allowed to finish up her existing clients' cases. Lief did NOT do any Chapter 13 work after the November hearing, which was the issue of the subject hearing. Further, Lief does NOT give legal advice and did not realize the 2009 standard Order from the Chapter 13 Trustee prevented her from preparing adversary proceedings and other basic pleadings (which she can prepare in other courts) and was meant to be "giving legal advice".

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